3D Papercraft Template Deer Stag


XL Deer Stag – 3D Papercraft Template


With this XL Deer Stag template, you can craft a mighty Deer paper sculpture standing more than 4 feet high (1275 mm)!

3D Polygonal Papercraft Deer Image
XL Deer Stag 3D Papercraft from KaBlackout


If you love the idea of a fun project to create an extra-large display piece this low poly Deer papercraft template is perfect for you!


DIY 3D Papercraft Reindeer Image
DIY Reindeer Stag XL Template prints on US Letter or A4 paper!


Apart from the downloadable PDF template, all you need is some cardstock sheets, glue or double-sided tape and a few tools and you can make your own giant Stag from environmentally friendly materials.


Papercraft 3D Deer Image
Rear view of the XL Papercraft Deer stag – Beautiful Christmas Decor!


Papercrafting is all about your creativity so the template means you can craft your own Deer in your own choice of colours. Just load up the printer with coloured cardstock and you’re ready to go! Alternatively, we supply an optional colour plan, making it easy to make a four-colour XL Deer Stag like the ones in our photos.


3D Papercraft PDF template images
The Deer Stag PDF Template and Assembly Guide are available as a instant download.


Although this is an extra-large Deer Stag template, you don’t need large sheets of paper. The template prints out on easy to get A4 or US Letter size paper. You can print out this template at home!

The completed polygonal Reindeer sculpture is an awesome display item for your home but it’s ideal as DIY Christmas décor. You and your family can make your own Santa’s Reindeer. Made from paper, it’s fully recyclable too!