Deer Papercraft Template


Deer Papercraft Template

Make your own beautiful papercraft deer with this PDF template and illustrated instructions. This stunning free-standing paper deer sculpture is elegantly poised and full of character. A pair of these deer stags in a mirrored pose will make an impressive display in your home at Christmas time.


Papercraft Deer Template image
Make two papercraft deer for a beautiful display

We have patterned our Deer Template so that you can easily make the deer’s upper body, lower body, eyes, nose and mouth in alternative colours. You can even give your reindeer a fun red nose for Christmas!

Deer Papercraft Template image
Deers created using the KaBlackout papercraft template.



Deer Papercraft Template image
The Deer template makes a sculpture which is an impressive 21 inches tall.

Designed in house and only available from KaBackout, this modern low poly papercraft deer sculpture will look great in any room or window and is a wonderful winter-themed craft project for you to enjoy creating.


Deer template being assembled.


The Deer Template and Assembly Guide are available from our Etsy store.






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