DIY Low Poly Papercraft Rocket Template


XL Low Poly Papercraft Rocket Template


Our dynamically styled Blast-Off Rocket has gone big! Meet the giant XL Blast-Off Rocket!


DIY Low Poly Rocket Template Image
Use our DIY Low Poly Rocket Template to make this stunning papercraft rocket


This takes our wildly popular Blast-Off papercraft template which graces desks and shelves around the world and makes it BIG! Using this downloadable template, you can make a multi-coloured Blast-Off Rocket rising on a swirling vapour trail from card. The finished low poly papercraft sculpture stands about one metre tall, that’s more than three feet!


Low Poly Rocket PDF Template Image
Low Poly Blast Off Rockets – Size comparison of the original and new XL version


Once you have the papercraft template, all you need is A4 or US letter size cardstock (it’s an extra large papercraft but it’s made with regular size paper), a printer, glue or tape and your craft tools. Just a few fun hours of crafting later and you’ll have created an magnificent statement piece decorative item or the party decoration everyone talks about!


Low Poly Blast Off Rocket XL scale Image
This amazing XL Blast Off Rocket sculpture prints on A4 and US letter size paper!







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