How They Work

Getting Started

Creating a KaBlackout paper sculpture is easy! First you just print out the template on cardstock with a standard home printer, then cut out the parts, score them, fold them and glue your sculpture together.

Along with the PDF template there’ll be a handy guide full of helpful hints to help you create an amazing work of paper art! Soon you’ll have created a unique 3D display piece to grace your living space.


papercraft rocket image
Our Blast Off Rocket created on plain white cardstock| KaBlackout

What else will you need?

As well as the template and assembly guide to build your sculpture you will need:

  • Cardstock (this is thick paper or thin card depending on how you look at it)
  • Scissors
  • Hobby knife (for scoring)
  • Ruler
  • Either PVA glue or high-tack double sided sticky tape
  • Small paint brush (for applying glue)
  • Bone folder
Printed out template sheets with (L to R) bone folder, scissors and hobby knife | KaBlackout


How to assemble your sculpture

Once you have printed out the template on the cardstock, put on something nice to listen to and cut out the parts. You just cut along the solid lines with scissors . The next step is to score along the fold lines with the back of your hobby knife then fold them over.

We use two types of folds in our templates. These are  “valley folds” and “mountain folds” and are easy to understand.

You make a valley fold by folding the card upward along the fold line, forming a valley shape.

You make a mountain fold by folding the card downward along the fold line, forming a shape like a tent.

Folding is simple; carefully fold the part along each fold line. Press your bone folder or other smooth implement firmly along the fold to flatten it.

Run the bone folder along the fold to create a nice crisp fold. When you have finished these steps you will have a pile of funny-looking components.

Now comes the fun part, watching your sculpture come to life as you stick it together! Find a numbered tab and its matching number, lightly apply some glue or a strip of tape and join them together. Keep doing this and your sculpture will grow before your eyes!

This Skygalleon airship is being stuck together with double-sided tape. | KaBlackout

When you have finished you will have both a unique art piece to display and had a fun and soothing time building it.

We have carefully designed and tested the template for an enjoyable crafting experience. You can also find our video guide to assembling papercraft sculptures here.

If you have any questions about using our template please contact us, we’ll be delighted to help.

What’s next?

Our 3D template sets come in a variety of skill levels to suit novice and experienced paper crafters alike.  Our sculptures look impressive when the medium is just plain white cardstock but this is just a starting point. You can use your creativity to decide how to paint your sculpture or experiment by printing the template on coloured, textured or patterned paper to achieve striking effects. Have a look around this site to see some of our ideas.


Blast Off Rocket | Choose your own colour scheme by using coloured cardstock

A KaBlackout 3d sculpture can be an interesting décor piece,  a fun  addition to a kid’s bedroom,  an eye-catching shop window installation or even the centrepiece of a school project.

The only limit is your imagination!