Lion Papercraft Template


Lion Papercraft Template


Bring the plains of Africa into your home with our new Papercraft Lion Template!

Photograph of Low Poly Lion Papercraft Template

KaBlackout’s Low Poly Lion Papercraft 

This free-standing paper sculpture of a proud Lion is crafted using our new template. You can craft a mighty Lion of your own in a three colour pattern of your choice thanks to the way the template has been laid out.


Image of Polygonal Lion DIY Papercraft
Choose your own colour scheme for your Lion!


Perfect for big cat fans, the Lion Papercraft Template comes with full instructions and step by step pictures!


Image of PDF Printable Lion Papercraft Template
The PDF template is available as an instant download from our Etsy store.


The printable template is supplied as a digital download. You get a ZIP folder containing:
• PDF Template including 16 pages of parts (plain, no colour)
• PDF Illustrated Assembly Guide in English language


Photograph of a person holding the Lion Papercraft for scale purposes
The papercraft template makes a Lion 15.7 inches (400 mm) tall.






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