Llama Low Poly Papercraft Template


Llama Papercraft Template

Llamas are everywhere! From their home in the Andes mountains these adorable animals have spread around the world and now are even taking over the internet! You can make your own elegant papercraft llama with this PDF template from KaBlackout.


Low Poly Llama Template
You can make your llama any colours you like but we even include a colour plan to easily create a three colour llama.

The finished llama papercraft sculpture is full of character, and  perfectly captures the poise of this friendly and cuddly animal in KaBlackout’s popular low-poly style.

Papercraft Llama
This template comes with a unique bonus item. It’s a sheet of colourful flowers you can print and out. Stick them on the finished llama to give it a striking tattooed look!

Kablackout papercraft templates give you the flexibility to make your llama any colour or colour pattern you decide, from naturalistic to psychedelic. Just pick the cardstock, print the template and go for it!

DIY Llama Template
Use the PDF template as many times as you want to build up your own llama herd!

This llama papercraft will look great whether it’s standing in your living space, in a llama-mad kid’s room or in your shop window display.

Make a Llama template
A llama papercraft template from our sculpture stands 45cm tall (almost 18 inches) and is 43cm (17.7 inches) long.

If you know anyone who loves llamas (and who doesn’t?) use the template to make an unforgettable and unique gift.

Llama PDF Template
Assembling a llama is straight forward thanks to the carefully-tested template and easy to follow illustrated instructions.

Like all our papercrafts, the llama was designed in house and is only available from KaBlackout.