Low Poly Blast Off Rocket Papercraft Sculpture


Blast Off Rocket – Papercraft Template

This low poly papercraft rocket sculpture depicts a classic sci-fi rocketship blasting off on a streaming vapour trail. Built from a printable PDF template this is a striking display piece aimed at everyone who has ever dreamed of escaping the bonds of earth.


Blast Off Rocket papercraft desk decor – One Template, Unlimited Colour Variations

The printable PDF template is plain so you can choose the colour scheme for your papercraft rocket. You can see some ideas in our pictures.


Blast Off Rocket Kablackout
Low Poly Blast Off Rocket Papercraft Sculpture – Perfect for an office or man cave


Check out this timelapse video of a Blast Off Rocket being built.


Blast Off_Rocket_Low_Poly_Papercraft_image
Blast Off Rocket  is an impressive 495mm  (19.5 inches) in height


Rocket template and guide image
The Blast Off Rocket Template and Guide are available as instant downloads






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low poly rocket blast off image