Low Poly Papercraft Horse Sculpture


Low Poly Papercraft Horse Sculpture Template

This beautiful little papercraft horse is full of character.  The template has been designed so that you can easily make the forehead marking, mane, tail and lower legs in an alternative colour.   In addition to the template you also get an assembly guide with step by step diagrams to help you assemble the model.   This modern low poly style horse sculpture will look great in any room so giddy up and make yourself a cute little four-legged friend!


Papercraft Horse Sculpture image
Papercraft Horse Sculpture using red and white card


Low Poly Papercraft Horse Sculpture photo
Low Poly Papercraft Horse Sculpture made with brown and cream card


Horse PDF papercraft image
Horse PDF papercraft template and assembly guide


horse papercraft being assembled image
Low poly horse papercraft being assembled.


horse template scale image
The template makes a papercraft horse 450mm in height







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