Moon Gazing Hare Papercraft Sculpture

Moon Gazing Hare Papercraft Sculpture

Build your own beautiful Moon Gazing Hare paper art sculpture from this printable template, perfect to display in your home.

In ancient times, the sight of a hare looking up at the full moon was a sign of good luck, prosperity and a new beginning. Full of character, this free-standing paper art sculpture elegantly depicts the hare gazing up in wonder.

Hare papercraft low poly sculpture
Moon Gazing Papercraft Hare Sculpture

Designed in house at Kablackout and only available from us, this modern low poly papercraft Hare sculpture will look great in your room or window.

Moon Gazing Hare

Moon Gazing Hare files are available for instant download.The PDF template and assembly guide are supplied as instant digital downloads so there are no shipping charges and no need to wait for the post man.

Moon Gazing Hare papercraft
Moon Gazing Hare is an impressive freestanding papercraft sculpture

We have patterned our Hare Template so that you can easily make the sculpture in two colours.

Low Poly Papercraft Hare Sculpture
Low Poly Papercraft Hare Sculpture


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