Noah’s Ark Papercraft


Noah’s Ark Papercraft Template

This 3D paper sculpture of Noah’s Ark was created with the new template from KaBlackout. It’s fun and easy to make this polygonal papercraft sculpture of the Biblical vessel so it’s completely suitable for beginners. The Ark should only take an afternoon (around three hours) to complete.


Photograph of Papercraft Noah's Ark
Noah’s Ark  Made from KaBlackout’s DIY Papercraft Template


You can make your Ark in your own choice of two colours by following the colour plan that’s included. The finished Ark papercraft is large enough to let you put your toy animals or peg people on the deck. You can place scenery around it making a fun display piece for your home, class room or Bible school!


Image showing Low Poly Paper Ark Model
Noah’s Ark Papercraft takes about three hours to complete. At the end of the project you’ll have a wonderful display piece.


The Ark Papercraft Template comes with full instructions and step by step pictures to help you make your own model of Noah’s Ark. If you’ve never made a papercraft model before this template is a perfect first step.


Image of KaBlackout's PDF Files
The  PDF template is available as an instant download from our Etsy store.


We supply the Ark template as a digital download straight to your computer. It comes as a ZIP folder containing:
• PDF Template including 16 pages of parts (plain, no colour)
• PDF Illustrated Assembly Guide in English language


Photograph of person holding papercraft Noah's Ark
Noah’s Ark measures 17.7 inches (450 mm) in length.







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