Papercraft Deer Template

Deer Stag Papercraft Template

Here’s a majestic low poly Deer Stag for you to make with our downloadable template. With its mane and outspread antlers, it captures the confident poise of the real beast. With the Deer Stag PDF template and some sheets of card you can craft an amazing eco-friendly décor piece standing 700mm (nearly 28 inches) tall.


Papercraft Deer Template image
Deer Stag made from the KaBlackout Papercraft Template


This Stag will build into a perfect companion piece to our Deer papercraft sculpture , so you can make a delightful pair. Of course, you can make as many stag papercrafts as you want with his template, so you can have your own “stag party”! All you need is sheets of A4 or US Letter size cardstock, a home printer, some simple craft tools and some glue or double-sided tape.


Papercraft Deer Template Image
Choose your own colours to make your Deer Stag


You can make your finished deer papercraft in your choice of colours but our template has been designed to let you make your low poly deer in a four-colour scheme like we’ve used in our photos.


Person holding papercraft deer for scale image
Papercraft Deer Stag, a perfect Christmas decoration!


Our paper Deer Stag can also be a brilliant Christmas Reindeer decoration and will be great as Holiday display piece. A Christmas papercraft like this is a perfect holiday craft project, and after the holidays it is easy to recycle!


Papercraft Deer Template close up image
Deer Stag from KaBlackout’s Papercraft template


The Deer Stag template comes with a beginners guide to 3D papercrafting and step by step illustrated instructions.


Papercraft Deer Template PDF image
Deer Stag PDF Template and Assembly Guide