Puppy Dog Papercraft Template


Puppy Dog Papercraft

This original puppy dog papercraft template will let you create an adorable free-standing paper sculpture of a sweet little puppy ready for fun.

Make an adorable 3D papercraft puppy dog with our KaBlackout template!

The downloadable template has been carefully designed to make it easy for you to craft your little puppy dog in a three-colour pattern of your choice, in whatever colours you like. Just think, not only could you could use brown, golden, black or white to create a papercraft clone of  a favorite pet, but you could pick any colours you like to make your puppy pal a fantasy breed of doggie!

Woof! What colours would you choose for your little papercraft puppy?

The Puppy Papercraft Template comes with full step by step instructions and pictures to help guide you as you make a lovable little doggy friend.

KaBlackout Puppy Template and Helpful Hints Guide

The finished puppy is life-sized and looks ready to leap on your lap! But once he’s comfortable there this is one puppy who won’t want share of your dinner!

The puppy dog created in grey and white cardstock.







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