Raygun Template DIY Papercraft


Raygun Papercraft Template

Our Steampunk Retro Raygun papercraft template is another piece inspired by our love of vintage movies and comics.  This papercraft Sci-Fi Raygun builds into a fun 3D low poly display piece for your office, kid’s bedroom or man cave.

Raygun Papercraft Template
By using coloured cardstock you can give your Retro Raygun a unique appearance. This smart-looking primarily metallic blue and grey blaster would be perfect for a heroic starship captain.

The Retro Raygun will fit right in with our Retro Robot and any of our rocket papercrafts to make a wonderful collection to show off your love of 1950s science fiction.


Ray Gun Low Poly Papercraft
A Retro Raygun in purple and green, perfect for a fiendish alien space pirate!

This striking space gun could even be the basis of a stylish cosplay accessory. Built straight from the template, the Retro Raygun has a sleek space opera look but if you make it in coppery metallic hues and embellish it with gears and watch parts you will have your own steampunk disintegration pistol!


Built from the template, the Retro Sci-Fi Raygun is 29.7cm (11.8 inches) long.

Even though it’s just a papercraft sculpture, always keep your Ray Gun ready to scare off alien invaders!


Raygun Low poly DIY
Like all our products, the template is straight-forward to build and comes with clear instruction diagrams showing where each part fits.

The Retro Raygun is our own unique design created by us and is only available from KaBlackout.






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