Robot Low Poly Papercraft Template


Robot Low Poly Papercraft Template

Our Retro Robot papercraft template is a tribute to all the classic androids and mechanical men who clanked and whirred their way through vintage sci-fi. This 3D low poly papercraft robot template lets you create your very own cute mechanical sidekick from paper.

Robot Papercraft Template

This little chap could have stepped straight out of Asimov’s famous science fiction stories.Our Retro Robot fits perfectly alongside our rocket templates in a collection celebrating yesterday’s science fiction visions.


Robot Low Poly Template
The beauty of a PDF template is that you can choose how your Retro Robot will look by using different colours of card.

If a 1950s robot is a little too futuristic for your tastes, the Retro Robot’s design is flexible. Build him from copper or bronze coloured pearlescent card, add your own gears and cogs and you will have your own Steampunk-style Mechanical Manservant!


DIY Robot Template
We used a selection of cardstock with different finishes to give our prototype Retro Robot a striking metallic look. Make your papercraft android stand out from the rest of the robots!

However you customise your Retro Robot papercraft, it will be an eye-catching and unique piece of decor on an office desk, bookshelf or in a kid’s bedroom.


Robot Paper Craft
The finished Retro Robot paper craft sculpture is 30 cm (11.8 inches) tall.

You can use the PDF template to make as many robots as you want. You can even create your own mini army of Retro Robots whether you want to decorate a party or just conquer the world!

Robot Papercraft Template
Like all KaBlackout papercrafts, the template is beautifully engineered and extensively tested to ensure a straight-forward building experience.

Like all our papercrafts, the Retro Robot was designed in house and is only available from KaBlackout.