Unicorn Papercraft Trophy Head

Unicorn Papercraft Trophy Head

With the unicorn papercraft trophy head template you can craft a beautiful trophy head of one of these legendary woodland beasts, perfect for mounting on a wall.

Unicorns in folklore and fantasy tales are traditionally snowy white in colour, but this PDF template lets you create your unicorn trophy head in any colour you choose. You just select cardstock in your preferred colours, load it into your home printer and print out the template. Unicorns are magical creatures, so I think this means your unicorn trophy head can be any colour you want. In legend, the unique horn is both a fearsome defensive weapon but also possesses cleansing and healing powers. You can make the horn on your unicorn papercraft in a different colour, subtly suggesting the power locked within.



Winter Unicorn made from the KaBlackout papercraft template using patterned paper for a magical effect. 

Unicorn Wall Trophy Head image
Unicorn Wall Trophy Head


Unicorn Papercraft Trophy Head image
Unicorn Papercraft Trophy Head – Height 430mm (16.7 inches)


Unicorn Papercraft Template and Guide image
Unicorn Papercraft Template and Guide are available as PDF instant downloads

As the template and assembly guide are supplied as PDF files, we don’t send you a physical product through the mail. You don’t need to wait for anything to be delivered, once you download your files you can get crafting!






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