Wolf Papercraft Template

Papercraft Wolf Template

This original papercraft template will let you create a large free-standing paper sculpture of a beautiful wolf on the prowl. Whether you love wolves as wild animals, symbols of freedom and independence or beasts from fantasy and legend, this freestanding paper sculpture is for you!

Wolf Papercraft Template image

With this Papercraft Template you can make your own paper wolf measuring more than 30.7 inches (779 mm) from nose to tail.

Wolf 3D Papercraft Template Image
3D Wolf made from grey and white card using the template


Wolf DIY Papercraft Image
You can also make a white wolf from this template

Just download the Wolf Papercraft Template and get ready for a fantastic do it yourself project. You will need an ordinary home printer and some craft tools and supplies. Just cut out the parts and follow the illustrated step by step instructions to make your own wolf.

3D Origami Wolf Template Image
Make your very own sleek wolf!

The template has been carefully designed to make it easy for you to craft an impressive wolf in a three colour pattern of your choice.

Wolf PDF Papercraft Template Download Image
Wolf PDF Papercraft Template Download

Make your own wolf and bring the spirit of the wilderness into your home!





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