XL Penguin Template


XL Penguin Template

Introducing our perky new XL Penguin Papercraft Template!

Based on our hugely popular low-poly Penguin template this all-new extra large version has been completely redesigned so you can make a fun paper Penguin sculpture standing nearly two feet tall (600mm)!

XL Penguin Template

Our cheery XL Penguin is full of character!We have carefully designed the template so you just have to print it onto your own choice of US Letter or A4 size coloured card.

The template is delivered to you as a digital download so there’s no waiting for the mailperson!


Penguin Template XL
He’s so cute!

The XL Penguin Papercraft Template comes with full instructions and step by step pictures to help you make your very own cute penguin buddy even it you are completely new to papercrafting.


XL Penguin Template Instant Download
As well as the template we include a complete guide to papercrafting your XL Penguin with your order.

Thanks to the carefully-designed template it is easy to make your XL Penguin in three colours. Just pick the colours of card you want and get printing!


Penguin Papercraft Template XL Image
This image shows the size of the new XL Penguin next to the standard penguin.

This XL Penguin will build into a cute piece of home decor but it doesn’t stop there! Want to create a unique Christmas display that’s really fun? He’ll be a perfect decoration to put by the Christmas tree or as part of your festive party décor.


Penguin Papercraft Template Image
“I wonder which one of these presents is for me?”

If you would like more information about this big and friendly paper sculpture please visit our Etsy shop by clicking on the Learn More button.