XL Polar Bear Papercraft Template


XL Polar Bear Papercraft Template

Meet our magnificent new XL Polar Bear Papercraft Template!

Inspired by our hugely popular low poly Polar Bear this all new extra large template has been designed to enable you to make an imposing Polar Bear paper sculpture one metre long (over 39 inches)!


Extra Large Papercraft Polar Bear Image

XL Papercraft Polar Bear Sculpture

Like our original polar bear, the finished XL Polar Bear perfectly captures the imposing bulk of a real bear but compared to his little brother, his facial features have been enhanced to lend him even more character.


XL Polar Bear Template
Imagine this big fellow in your home!

The XL Polar Bear template is designed so it can be be printed onto US Letter or A4 size card! This means there is no need to print the template on A3 size cardstock or waste time going to the copy shop!


XL Polar Bear Template DIY image
We have designed the template to make it easy to give the XL Polar Bear a coloured nose and eyes.

Want to create a Christmas display that rocks? With this extra large Polar Bear template you can make your own wonderful Christmas displays or Winter scenery.


XL Polar Bear Template Papercraft image
Your download includes everything you need to get the best out of the template even if you are new to papercrafting.

The XL Polar Papercraft Template comes with full instructions and step by step pictures to help you make your magnificent arctic  beast.


Low Poly Polar Bear Template XL Image
Christmas is coming! Time to start getting ready!

This giant Polar Bear sculpture is not only an ideal Christmas party decoration for festive holiday celebrations but will also look great as a contemporary geometric Winter photo shoot prop.


XL Papercraft Polar Bear Template
This cool XL Polar Bear will be a hit at parties!

The template to create your own stunning XL Polar Bear is only available from the KaBlackout Etsy shop.

If you would like more information about this spectacular paper sculpture please visit our Etsy shop by clicking on the Learn More button.






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